Hollow Oerth, and on to the stars

Onwards and away from this dump

Our Heroes hate Darksun

Party spends a couple of days in Kled, recovering and planning their next move.

Party presented with a few options, eventually decide to head to secluded Psion monastery.

At monastery, everyone has been slain and there are traps, undead.

The shade of the abbot/librarian of the monastery is able to provide some useful information. (Notably, he talks of a crashed vessel captured by Draj.)

Party lies to a templar of Urik about their ultimate destination, subsequently they are arrested for questioning. Under magical-scrutiny-questioning, the party disclose and the report is run up the organization chart and/or sent to Humanu directly.

Humanu visits the party, and concludes a) he doesn’t want them messing with Draj, b) he doesn’t want them flying around with a spelljamming ship, c) they’ll be a lot of trouble so d) he’d better send them on their way.

Party is sent to Sigil, where they wander around a little bit and meet a few factions. Eventually, they wind up in a Guvnor lawyer’s office, who sends them through to Lionheart. The elves are pretty cool about it, don’t kill them, do send them on their way (blindfolded). Blue cheats the blindfold, and knows the location of Lionheart.

Party return to The Rock of Bral, and begin researching who sicced the Pit Fiend onto them. Nobody at the bar remembers the Pit Fiend, but eventually they discover one of the bar’s regulars is more than he seems. (Party theories at the time: Vampire lady, Scarlet Brotherhood, the Scro.)

Agent appears to be elderly halfling who smokes a pipe. They tail him to his room, which he has trapped and fled. Lots of encrypted documents lying about (adding to his intended fire-trap), the party finds some concealed spycraft items including a small document-copying device.

Party tails him (using badger-scent) to the docks and onto an elven vessel where an elderly halfing navigator has just been found dead. (Turns out, he has a wand of polymorph and a wand of polymorph object.)

Party figure it out, kill the agent, agent is interrogated after death, turns out to be Scro agent.

Party is recruited to go after Gamorra Base, as they’re looking for more revenge.

7400 XP.


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