Hollow Oerth, and on to the stars

Under a Dark Sun

en media res into chattelry

Party (as well as Lydia and Blue) wake up tied up in Darksun— specifically, in a heavy Mekillot-drawn wagon train owned by Resherek Merchants en route from Urik to Tyr (with a stop in Kled). All of their stuff is missing, too.

Party immediately begins to get loose.

Party hears a voice cry out a challenge to the caravan (“The Jura Dai are not slaves. your king must release our people, or all his caravans will perish in the desert!”), followed by a boom as the motive force of the caravan is set free via a lightning bolt. The voice boomed again, “Leave now, taking nothing with you, or we will burn you out!” as the assault against the wagons continued.

A Psion guard opened the door to offer freedom in exchange for defending the wagons. The party quickly disable him, search (and find) their stuff, and leave the wagons. Elves attempt to stop them from taking the large chest (with their stuff), however they intimidate their way past them.

Party gets the (trapped) chest open and retrieves their stuff, then waits for evening to travel.

Head back to the wagon train, see that it has been burnt quite thoroughly, fight some guards, locate a crude map of the area.

Travel through the desert is filled with hazards, however Gareth is able to produce (some) water with his Orisons, dramatically reducing the danger and desperation.

Overcome hazards include:

  • a very thick blood-drinking thorn region with a fake pond in the middle
  • dangerous cacti
  • fight between Wezer (weird bee things) and Aarakocra over water
  • colony of Wezers (avoided, which is one reason the players are so uncertain as to how they were supposed to survive— this was a major water and food source in the adventure.)
  • attack by a Silk Wyrm (which tries to steal water, eat a player, is invisible during attack, flies)
  • territorial Mekilliot (which are stupid)
  • poisoned oasis
  • monster that wants to eat dwarven children and/or pcs
  • horrible dwarven child

Party eventually got to Kled, where they were welcomed and asked to free a Druid from the elven raiders who’d kidnapped the druid. They encounter and disable a scout, kidnap/capture the defiler daughter of the chieftan, Blue does some mind-reading, and the party walks their hostage right into the chieftain’s throneroom.

Unfortunately, the chieftain doesn’t want to (is completely unwilling to) negotiate for the release of the druid. And his nine underlings are also defilers, as is he. A big fight takes place, with lots of lightning and magic missiles flying around, at the end of which, the Jura Dai’s leadership is crippled and the PCs are left standing.

They take the druid back to Kled/the Tri Kreen’s oasis.

Back at Kled, a templar announces that they were never legally enslaved, and thus are free to go about their business.

6000 xp.


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