Loot List

Normal Looking Stuff

magic stuff

ring of spell turning dc 16
longsword +2
ring of protection +2

magic hand wraps
3x potion of invisibility

elixir of truth
major helm
- bejeweled electrum skullcap designed to fit on an alien skull (enhances mind flayery stuff)
set of three crystal rings linked by thin mythril chains to a crystal bracelet, again shared for a Mind Flayer’s three-fingered-one-thumbed hand-and wrist (does not re-size if attempted) (psionic sustenence thing) can be parted out into less cool thing
2x wands of fireball 7th lvl 5 chrg ea

non-magic stuff

1000 pp
2432 gp
elaborate ogre collar
2 smoke bombs
masterwork ogre great club
materwork ogre spear
mercenary tokens
3 masterwork light crossbows
5 incendiary quarrels
6 quarrels
masterwork heavy chain shirt x3
3 masterwork long spears

riding tack
3 riding horses
3 war horses
charred sketches of us.

4x vials unidentified poison
3x smoke bombs

Weird shit

rock with a hole in it, (divination aura) 25gp x2

Loot List

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