Hollow Oerth, and on to the stars

Session 1
the journey begins

Discuss finalized characters, etc.

Watch: Cleric/Rogue/Ranger/Wizard

Marching order (front to back): Rogue/Ranger/Cleric/Wizard

Party heads out, travels for 4 days.

  • Before dawn on the fourth night, a Scarlet Brotherhood monk with an Ogre on a leash approaches and attacks. The party defeats them after the Scarlet Brother wouldn’t buy what they were selling for a price they would be happy with. Looting.

Traveled for two more days, come upon crowd which intends to burn a witch.

  • Ratavan, priest/witchfinder of Cuthbert.
  • Dead cows/bulls— glowing green and detecting as necromancy
  • witch gave party a few potions.

Party believes someone is following them. Travel 1 more day

  • Wilhelmina detects 5+ humanoids attempting to sneak up on their camp at night.
  • (party defeats 8 mercenaries, tracks them back to their camp, captures 2 more & horses, gear.)
  • these guys are from the Manticore’s Wing mercenary company

One more day’s travel takes them to Kimberton.

  • At the bridge, someone wants to know what is going on (they’re crossing into Sea Principalities with captives, lot of horses.)
  • Party ransoms the captured surviving mercenaries back to their company (by way of a sketchy slaver)
  • Party speaks with their banker
  • head out down-river

Spend the day in Kimberton.

Seven days aboard a poled riverboat.

Reach Port Torvin.

Party departs on the Sea-Gallop with the evening tide.

Clear sailing next seven days.

Huge storm, followed by a whirlpool.

Day 1— sucked down into the down-below, useless nobleman is killed
Day 2— crewmember turns up dead, ‘buddy system’ instituted
Day 3— cook turns up dead (in quarters with useless mistress, who has also been attacked)
Day 5— walls glow, gravity fails, spells lost
end of day 6— end of above phenomina, spells return
day 10 — surface in a swamp (beneath a red sun).


  1. Halatia, 18 year old human woman, pampered
  2. Spaldar, 24 year old human male sailor
  3. Hollis, 30 year old human male steersman (and bad-tempered drunk)
  4. Lorren, 14 year old human cabin-boy
  5. Torios, 24 year old human male ex-bodyguard and duelist
The Swamps of a new world
session 2

Malphegi Swamps

Party begins unpacking, scouting area.

  • Find that they’re relatively close to a Lizardmfolk settlement
  • Negotiate with the territorial lizardmen warriors, get some vague directions.
  • Ranger beats their champion in a grappling contest, setting the terms

The next day, they set out, crossing the swamp in 10 days. (averaging 15 miles/day)

On the way, they see dinosaurs/paleo-crocodiles in the distance.

Begin journeying up river, losing much of their animal feed and cracking a hippogryph egg the first day. (10 days animal food remaining.)

(averaging 10 miles a day— strong current going the wrong way.)
4 days up the river, they run into a swarm of mega-pirrahna.

Two more days up-river, and the other boat capsizes. Torios helps fish [Carolyn]’s character out of the water.

After this, the party decides to head through the jungle, relatively near the river. (10 miles/day)

Attacked at night by panthers.

Traveled for three days, after which they came to hilly forest (as opposed to jungle).

Started to see signs of civilization (trail blazes, improved trails).

After three more days of travel, find a small village (northwest of the rapids, west of the river— using hollow-world east/west reconning).

XP: 1300

Meditations and Learnings
the party contemplates their next steps

Play begins with the party contemplating next steps.

Hippogryph birthing occurs (takes a day)
(2 male, 1 female)

10 days journey along narrow roads takes them to Takal.

In Takal, they spot a lighthouse on a home’s lintel.

Also in Takal, they speak with a priestess of Kalaktatla.

Priestess is possessed by Ka, when she prays about the Sun Wraith.

Ka grants them a boon: the answer to one question.

Basically, sail far north, then walk. Once there, look for a city called Thyatis where “spelljammer ships” can be found.

One of the NPCs at the temple (not the priestess) startled at the mention of the lighthouse. Wihelmina followed him to a secret meeting of like-minded conspirators, who discussed the PCs and their plans/history/etc. She was not seen.

They returned to the rented house in town, where Halatia, Torios, and Hollis all announced they had made arrangements and/or would be staying behind. (Torios plans to join the guard here, Halatia plans to marry a nobleman and puppet him into a life of comfort, and Hollis plans to open a brewery.)

Day later, party heads out. 18 days later, they reach Manac. Six more days later, they reach Bitac, then they are forced to leave the roads.

One day later, the party discovers it is being followed. They confront their pursuer— a jungle-dwelling relative of the Purple Worm. The battle does not go well, but Gareth manages to lead it away from the party, catching up with them two days later.

Eventually, the ranger trains the hippogryphs not to cry for food.

Six days later, the party comes to impassable mountains, and the party turns west.

In a weeks’ time, the party comes to a more lightly forested area. Trees are marked with bones/antlers/human bones, etc. every 10 paces or so, for about 15 miles. Party goes around.

Party encounters Valyarie (Neathar that have wolf-companions), see two groups fight, are escorted past territory.

8 days more travel, leaving Valrie terratory, come to the river.

3000 xp

A journey is about growth

Play begins with the PCs finishing leveling.

It has been 109 days since they departed from the capitol of the Yeomanry, and they stand at the banks of a wide, relatively swift-moving river.

((game postponed until 5/26/13))

Party travels for a week north by north-east, coming into a vast plains inhabited by raptors, plains-natives, and bison. Two weeks later, the party reaches the mountains proper (after foothills).

Meet with a trio of Icevale elves.

  • two months back to the Icevale pass to the north
    • hunting
  • one week to cross the path
  • 1 month to negotiate with beastmen
  • four months to cross over to the outer world

Party sights a crashing spelljammer ship.

Party rescues a dark-skinned human man (Ishmael; first officer) and light-complected half-elven female (Tulip; chief engineer) (the first and second officers of the ship). Both were confused, but recovered.

The crashing Hammership was captained by a mind flayer.

Two months later, the party makes it to the city they were looking for, get cleaned up, buy wagon to haul around a helm.

Next time: they go into a dungeon looking for another helm.

xp: 3500 (total xp 21,100)

Drums in the deep

(ooc discussion of loot)

two weeks to get to the site.

seed: 500845219

party encounters pair of gelatenous cubes

party finds suspicious room with nubile young man and woman in diaphorous robes, golden chains. in the same room, party finds a mimic and cloaker. Party fights cloaker and mimic (initially fleeing cloaker’s cry, excpt for the mage).

Party finds a black pudding, which they defeat by kiting, then rest for the night.

Next day, they found a pair of basalisks, and later, the stairs down to the next level.

down there, they found cultists, froggy demigods (in a sleepy-weak state), a pyramid ship, and a pair of eel ships.

4000 xp awarded.

Onward and Upward
The party commissions a new ship and sets off into the stars

Play begins with party in a pyramid-ship.

Party lands two-day’s travel from Alpha City, which was attacked while they were away.

Their bankers managed to protect their property (other helm) while they were out.

NPCs are safe.

Party sells two hippogryphs for 3000 gp total.

shipwrights; Hogun and Bronzehammer, shipwrights.

modifications— pair of light cannon, instead of pair of light ballista

  • has ‘illusory hull’ — looks like sky behind it.
  • has magical illumination inside
  • has magical (non-flame) oven
  • has decanter of endless grog, cask of endless saltpork, cask of endless pickled vegis.

Ishmael manages to recruit crewmembers
Spaldar (competent man at arms)
nine human sailors (three are competent armsmen)
two half-elven sailors (competent armsmen)
four halfling sailors (two of whom can cook)
five dwarven gunners/seigemen
One expert navigator (gnome, astronomer)
Three adepts (siblings, alchemists— shop recently destroyed)

Ship’s name: Wanderjahr

Party decides to head to Rock of Bral.

Party sees Mantis ship at distance.

Party sees double-ended tower in phlogiston.

Party attacked by Mind Spider crewed by hobgoblins, bugbears, etc. Party defeats, destroys, the Mind Spider, takes on prisoners and loot. Ship takes minor damage.

Party interrogates prisoners, and the Blue prisoner indicates that the (deceased) officers were a part of a greater humanoid plot.

Party hands humanoids (apart from Blue) over to Elven vessel, dock at Rock of Bral.

4000 xp.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Party hangs out in the Struck Copper, a “dive bar” frequented by intelligencers. (Barternder is an old half-elven bar).

Runs into Admeral Pilkington, ranger almost accidentally starts shit.

Hear a lot of rumors.

Party travelling through Rock of Bral, party of Scro try to get them to head into an alley with pistols drawn. Combat ensues. Party hands over one prisoner to elves after trying to interrogate.

Hire a half-dozen Hadozee (deck apes).

Party returns to Greyhawk, complete their original mission, get paid.

Party heads on to Eberron (Siberis-space).

Warforged: Lt. Rightflight, of Cyre (small-sized, tiny legs, move speed 20.) ((ship is sort of a rocketship)).

4000 xp.,

Adventures in Eberron
pulp has a price

Party discusses Eberron, it’s history, geography, politics, etc. with Pilot Rightflight.

Party saw a bit of the Draconic Prophecy on their deck.

Party initially intends to land in Lake Cyre, however they see that the Mournlands aren’t a fun place and land at their alternate, Sharn, the city of towers.

Ship was struck by a massive bolt of purple lightning as it came in for a landing. Lightning was associated with Syberis (sp) shards embedded in the ship’s hull as it went in for a landing.

Landing involved a lot of paperwork, as the party didn’t exactly have passports.

Party went to the press, to make sure they would’t be sought after based on the fragment of Draconic Prophecy they’d seen. Wind up being celebrity-aliens.

Party had ship stored in a warehouse pending repairs.

Ranger went to check on the animals with Cleric, encountered Emerald Claw agents intent on stealing the ship. (Meanwhile, a Changling catburglar was trying to steal the helm.)

They were thwarted, and House Kundarak was very embarassed. (Matter was invested by the 1/2 Orc detective Silverlock, and his Gnome life-partner Dr. Waterstone.)

Party was cross examined by elven d’Pharlagn Bard.

XP: 5000

Eberron rolls on
Send Lawyers, Scrolls, and GP

A supposed House Ghalanda mage of the twelve, Peter Papermaker, met with Blackthorn do discuss comparative arcana (with some discussion of geneological and blood magics). Blackthorn asked for information on the draconic prophecies, and Peter referred Blackthorn to another expert, via messenger.

Wilhelmina met with Don d’Ghalanda, a “hospitality expert” who helps with white goods, insurance, etc.

Party met with an unnamed human vampire in a luxurious flying mansion-ette.

The draconic prophecy was discussed, and she made a very generous offer to buy the ship and helm (on the spot).

Party meets with the Karnathi ambassador (who shows up with two skeletal bodyguards, a half-orc wizard, as well as a pair of advisers/scribes (who happen to be his wife and daughter). The Karnathi guy made an effort to buy the ship and helm (but it was a really low bid, $50,000 plus an estate valued at $50,000 in Karnath.) He warned party that Brelland would probably try to seize the ship.

The meeting was attacked by assassins— many apparently were Reiadran sailors, all dressed as the Emerald Claw, two with bedsores and their tongues freshly cut— the others had had their tongues cut long enough to heal thoroughly. (Biggest threat was a pair of wands of fireball, with low charges each. The ‘new guys’ were the wand-wielders, and they looked to be Sharn natives, perhaps lamplighters or journeyman artificers. The other thugs had poisoned knives— poison was dc 14 fortitude.)

Met with Brellish representative, Sir (something-or-other). As the Karnathi ambassador predicted, Brelland tried to seize the ship and arrest the party (to persuade them to instruct Kunderak to turn the ship over).

The party fled, ultimately to the Mror Holds, where they were met by a gold-circle Aurum-member. They were doing extensive market research into Wildspace.

After several months, the Aurum (as well as various House agents) contacted the Arcane and set up a deal to establish an exclusive franchise for ten years. They bought a number of helms to start off, and intended to sell the first helms via auction. Per their contract with the Arcane, they aren’t permitted to restrict sales of helms due to political considerations (so, theoretically, agents of the Daelker should be allowed to buy helms).

Lilly volunteered to stay behind and join the newly-formed Spelljamming shipwrights under House Leandar(sp) (who are also 1/2 elves). Other crewmembers opted to stay behind as well.

Twelve warforged volunteered to join the ship’s crew. (They have longer-term plans of becoming pirates or privateers.)

Toph acquired a follower, and exchanged his mount for a magebred, war-templated, hippogryph will barding, tack, etc. (His follower might be similarly equipped, we’ll see. Follower got 20 build points for attributes.)

XP: 4500 xp

Under a Dark Sun
en media res into chattelry

Party (as well as Lydia and Blue) wake up tied up in Darksun— specifically, in a heavy Mekillot-drawn wagon train owned by Resherek Merchants en route from Urik to Tyr (with a stop in Kled). All of their stuff is missing, too.

Party immediately begins to get loose.

Party hears a voice cry out a challenge to the caravan (“The Jura Dai are not slaves. your king must release our people, or all his caravans will perish in the desert!”), followed by a boom as the motive force of the caravan is set free via a lightning bolt. The voice boomed again, “Leave now, taking nothing with you, or we will burn you out!” as the assault against the wagons continued.

A Psion guard opened the door to offer freedom in exchange for defending the wagons. The party quickly disable him, search (and find) their stuff, and leave the wagons. Elves attempt to stop them from taking the large chest (with their stuff), however they intimidate their way past them.

Party gets the (trapped) chest open and retrieves their stuff, then waits for evening to travel.

Head back to the wagon train, see that it has been burnt quite thoroughly, fight some guards, locate a crude map of the area.

Travel through the desert is filled with hazards, however Gareth is able to produce (some) water with his Orisons, dramatically reducing the danger and desperation.

Overcome hazards include:

  • a very thick blood-drinking thorn region with a fake pond in the middle
  • dangerous cacti
  • fight between Wezer (weird bee things) and Aarakocra over water
  • colony of Wezers (avoided, which is one reason the players are so uncertain as to how they were supposed to survive— this was a major water and food source in the adventure.)
  • attack by a Silk Wyrm (which tries to steal water, eat a player, is invisible during attack, flies)
  • territorial Mekilliot (which are stupid)
  • poisoned oasis
  • monster that wants to eat dwarven children and/or pcs
  • horrible dwarven child

Party eventually got to Kled, where they were welcomed and asked to free a Druid from the elven raiders who’d kidnapped the druid. They encounter and disable a scout, kidnap/capture the defiler daughter of the chieftan, Blue does some mind-reading, and the party walks their hostage right into the chieftain’s throneroom.

Unfortunately, the chieftain doesn’t want to (is completely unwilling to) negotiate for the release of the druid. And his nine underlings are also defilers, as is he. A big fight takes place, with lots of lightning and magic missiles flying around, at the end of which, the Jura Dai’s leadership is crippled and the PCs are left standing.

They take the druid back to Kled/the Tri Kreen’s oasis.

Back at Kled, a templar announces that they were never legally enslaved, and thus are free to go about their business.

6000 xp.


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