Hollow Oerth, and on to the stars

Meditations and Learnings
the party contemplates their next steps

Play begins with the party contemplating next steps.

Hippogryph birthing occurs (takes a day)
(2 male, 1 female)

10 days journey along narrow roads takes them to Takal.

In Takal, they spot a lighthouse on a home’s lintel.

Also in Takal, they speak with a priestess of Kalaktatla.

Priestess is possessed by Ka, when she prays about the Sun Wraith.

Ka grants them a boon: the answer to one question.

Basically, sail far north, then walk. Once there, look for a city called Thyatis where “spelljammer ships” can be found.

One of the NPCs at the temple (not the priestess) startled at the mention of the lighthouse. Wihelmina followed him to a secret meeting of like-minded conspirators, who discussed the PCs and their plans/history/etc. She was not seen.

They returned to the rented house in town, where Halatia, Torios, and Hollis all announced they had made arrangements and/or would be staying behind. (Torios plans to join the guard here, Halatia plans to marry a nobleman and puppet him into a life of comfort, and Hollis plans to open a brewery.)

Day later, party heads out. 18 days later, they reach Manac. Six more days later, they reach Bitac, then they are forced to leave the roads.

One day later, the party discovers it is being followed. They confront their pursuer— a jungle-dwelling relative of the Purple Worm. The battle does not go well, but Gareth manages to lead it away from the party, catching up with them two days later.

Eventually, the ranger trains the hippogryphs not to cry for food.

Six days later, the party comes to impassable mountains, and the party turns west.

In a weeks’ time, the party comes to a more lightly forested area. Trees are marked with bones/antlers/human bones, etc. every 10 paces or so, for about 15 miles. Party goes around.

Party encounters Valyarie (Neathar that have wolf-companions), see two groups fight, are escorted past territory.

8 days more travel, leaving Valrie terratory, come to the river.

3000 xp

The Swamps of a new world
session 2

Malphegi Swamps

Party begins unpacking, scouting area.

  • Find that they’re relatively close to a Lizardmfolk settlement
  • Negotiate with the territorial lizardmen warriors, get some vague directions.
  • Ranger beats their champion in a grappling contest, setting the terms

The next day, they set out, crossing the swamp in 10 days. (averaging 15 miles/day)

On the way, they see dinosaurs/paleo-crocodiles in the distance.

Begin journeying up river, losing much of their animal feed and cracking a hippogryph egg the first day. (10 days animal food remaining.)

(averaging 10 miles a day— strong current going the wrong way.)
4 days up the river, they run into a swarm of mega-pirrahna.

Two more days up-river, and the other boat capsizes. Torios helps fish [Carolyn]’s character out of the water.

After this, the party decides to head through the jungle, relatively near the river. (10 miles/day)

Attacked at night by panthers.

Traveled for three days, after which they came to hilly forest (as opposed to jungle).

Started to see signs of civilization (trail blazes, improved trails).

After three more days of travel, find a small village (northwest of the rapids, west of the river— using hollow-world east/west reconning).

XP: 1300

Session 1
the journey begins

Discuss finalized characters, etc.

Watch: Cleric/Rogue/Ranger/Wizard

Marching order (front to back): Rogue/Ranger/Cleric/Wizard

Party heads out, travels for 4 days.

  • Before dawn on the fourth night, a Scarlet Brotherhood monk with an Ogre on a leash approaches and attacks. The party defeats them after the Scarlet Brother wouldn’t buy what they were selling for a price they would be happy with. Looting.

Traveled for two more days, come upon crowd which intends to burn a witch.

  • Ratavan, priest/witchfinder of Cuthbert.
  • Dead cows/bulls— glowing green and detecting as necromancy
  • witch gave party a few potions.

Party believes someone is following them. Travel 1 more day

  • Wilhelmina detects 5+ humanoids attempting to sneak up on their camp at night.
  • (party defeats 8 mercenaries, tracks them back to their camp, captures 2 more & horses, gear.)
  • these guys are from the Manticore’s Wing mercenary company

One more day’s travel takes them to Kimberton.

  • At the bridge, someone wants to know what is going on (they’re crossing into Sea Principalities with captives, lot of horses.)
  • Party ransoms the captured surviving mercenaries back to their company (by way of a sketchy slaver)
  • Party speaks with their banker
  • head out down-river

Spend the day in Kimberton.

Seven days aboard a poled riverboat.

Reach Port Torvin.

Party departs on the Sea-Gallop with the evening tide.

Clear sailing next seven days.

Huge storm, followed by a whirlpool.

Day 1— sucked down into the down-below, useless nobleman is killed
Day 2— crewmember turns up dead, ‘buddy system’ instituted
Day 3— cook turns up dead (in quarters with useless mistress, who has also been attacked)
Day 5— walls glow, gravity fails, spells lost
end of day 6— end of above phenomina, spells return
day 10 — surface in a swamp (beneath a red sun).


  1. Halatia, 18 year old human woman, pampered
  2. Spaldar, 24 year old human male sailor
  3. Hollis, 30 year old human male steersman (and bad-tempered drunk)
  4. Lorren, 14 year old human cabin-boy
  5. Torios, 24 year old human male ex-bodyguard and duelist

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