Hollow Oerth, and on to the stars

Revenge against the Scro

Our heroes work do some work for the elves

  • Players meet in Elfhome sphere, aboard the Constellation
  • Lucas is mutated into a human, Jonas Reelok, captain of the Long Arrow
  • players given 2000 gp for expenses
  • party travels to Moragspace, where they pass themselves off as chartered mercenaries.
  • (4 PCs, Lydia, Blue, 2 Dwarves, helmsman, 4 other human crew (Angie, Benjamin, Cecilia, David).
  • They investigate Gamora base, keeping a low profile
  • Encounter Binar humans
  • another brush with Admiral Pilkington
  • Don’t help Pontius the Giff
  • Ranger mettles with the Wights
  • in the commotion, they free an elven commander and Pontius
  • in the commotion, they raid the Scro’s Insectare spymaster (and kill him)
  • They escape by using several castings of Dimension Door.

(kinda an abbreviated record, I know)

9000 XP


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