Hollow Oerth, and on to the stars

Eberron rolls on

Send Lawyers, Scrolls, and GP

A supposed House Ghalanda mage of the twelve, Peter Papermaker, met with Blackthorn do discuss comparative arcana (with some discussion of geneological and blood magics). Blackthorn asked for information on the draconic prophecies, and Peter referred Blackthorn to another expert, via messenger.

Wilhelmina met with Don d’Ghalanda, a “hospitality expert” who helps with white goods, insurance, etc.

Party met with an unnamed human vampire in a luxurious flying mansion-ette.

The draconic prophecy was discussed, and she made a very generous offer to buy the ship and helm (on the spot).

Party meets with the Karnathi ambassador (who shows up with two skeletal bodyguards, a half-orc wizard, as well as a pair of advisers/scribes (who happen to be his wife and daughter). The Karnathi guy made an effort to buy the ship and helm (but it was a really low bid, $50,000 plus an estate valued at $50,000 in Karnath.) He warned party that Brelland would probably try to seize the ship.

The meeting was attacked by assassins— many apparently were Reiadran sailors, all dressed as the Emerald Claw, two with bedsores and their tongues freshly cut— the others had had their tongues cut long enough to heal thoroughly. (Biggest threat was a pair of wands of fireball, with low charges each. The ‘new guys’ were the wand-wielders, and they looked to be Sharn natives, perhaps lamplighters or journeyman artificers. The other thugs had poisoned knives— poison was dc 14 fortitude.)

Met with Brellish representative, Sir (something-or-other). As the Karnathi ambassador predicted, Brelland tried to seize the ship and arrest the party (to persuade them to instruct Kunderak to turn the ship over).

The party fled, ultimately to the Mror Holds, where they were met by a gold-circle Aurum-member. They were doing extensive market research into Wildspace.

After several months, the Aurum (as well as various House agents) contacted the Arcane and set up a deal to establish an exclusive franchise for ten years. They bought a number of helms to start off, and intended to sell the first helms via auction. Per their contract with the Arcane, they aren’t permitted to restrict sales of helms due to political considerations (so, theoretically, agents of the Daelker should be allowed to buy helms).

Lilly volunteered to stay behind and join the newly-formed Spelljamming shipwrights under House Leandar(sp) (who are also 1/2 elves). Other crewmembers opted to stay behind as well.

Twelve warforged volunteered to join the ship’s crew. (They have longer-term plans of becoming pirates or privateers.)

Toph acquired a follower, and exchanged his mount for a magebred, war-templated, hippogryph will barding, tack, etc. (His follower might be similarly equipped, we’ll see. Follower got 20 build points for attributes.)

XP: 4500 xp


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