Hollow Oerth, and on to the stars

Adventures in Eberron

pulp has a price

Party discusses Eberron, it’s history, geography, politics, etc. with Pilot Rightflight.

Party saw a bit of the Draconic Prophecy on their deck.

Party initially intends to land in Lake Cyre, however they see that the Mournlands aren’t a fun place and land at their alternate, Sharn, the city of towers.

Ship was struck by a massive bolt of purple lightning as it came in for a landing. Lightning was associated with Syberis (sp) shards embedded in the ship’s hull as it went in for a landing.

Landing involved a lot of paperwork, as the party didn’t exactly have passports.

Party went to the press, to make sure they would’t be sought after based on the fragment of Draconic Prophecy they’d seen. Wind up being celebrity-aliens.

Party had ship stored in a warehouse pending repairs.

Ranger went to check on the animals with Cleric, encountered Emerald Claw agents intent on stealing the ship. (Meanwhile, a Changling catburglar was trying to steal the helm.)

They were thwarted, and House Kundarak was very embarassed. (Matter was invested by the 1/2 Orc detective Silverlock, and his Gnome life-partner Dr. Waterstone.)

Party was cross examined by elven d’Pharlagn Bard.

XP: 5000


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