Hollow Oerth, and on to the stars

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Party hangs out in the Struck Copper, a “dive bar” frequented by intelligencers. (Barternder is an old half-elven bar).

Runs into Admeral Pilkington, ranger almost accidentally starts shit.

Hear a lot of rumors.

Party travelling through Rock of Bral, party of Scro try to get them to head into an alley with pistols drawn. Combat ensues. Party hands over one prisoner to elves after trying to interrogate.

Hire a half-dozen Hadozee (deck apes).

Party returns to Greyhawk, complete their original mission, get paid.

Party heads on to Eberron (Siberis-space).

Warforged: Lt. Rightflight, of Cyre (small-sized, tiny legs, move speed 20.) ((ship is sort of a rocketship)).

4000 xp.,


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