Hollow Oerth, and on to the stars

Onward and Upward

The party commissions a new ship and sets off into the stars

Play begins with party in a pyramid-ship.

Party lands two-day’s travel from Alpha City, which was attacked while they were away.

Their bankers managed to protect their property (other helm) while they were out.

NPCs are safe.

Party sells two hippogryphs for 3000 gp total.

shipwrights; Hogun and Bronzehammer, shipwrights.

modifications— pair of light cannon, instead of pair of light ballista

  • has ‘illusory hull’ — looks like sky behind it.
  • has magical illumination inside
  • has magical (non-flame) oven
  • has decanter of endless grog, cask of endless saltpork, cask of endless pickled vegis.

Ishmael manages to recruit crewmembers
Spaldar (competent man at arms)
nine human sailors (three are competent armsmen)
two half-elven sailors (competent armsmen)
four halfling sailors (two of whom can cook)
five dwarven gunners/seigemen
One expert navigator (gnome, astronomer)
Three adepts (siblings, alchemists— shop recently destroyed)

Ship’s name: Wanderjahr

Party decides to head to Rock of Bral.

Party sees Mantis ship at distance.

Party sees double-ended tower in phlogiston.

Party attacked by Mind Spider crewed by hobgoblins, bugbears, etc. Party defeats, destroys, the Mind Spider, takes on prisoners and loot. Ship takes minor damage.

Party interrogates prisoners, and the Blue prisoner indicates that the (deceased) officers were a part of a greater humanoid plot.

Party hands humanoids (apart from Blue) over to Elven vessel, dock at Rock of Bral.

4000 xp.


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