Hollow Oerth, and on to the stars

Drums in the deep

(ooc discussion of loot)

two weeks to get to the site.

seed: 500845219

party encounters pair of gelatenous cubes

party finds suspicious room with nubile young man and woman in diaphorous robes, golden chains. in the same room, party finds a mimic and cloaker. Party fights cloaker and mimic (initially fleeing cloaker’s cry, excpt for the mage).

Party finds a black pudding, which they defeat by kiting, then rest for the night.

Next day, they found a pair of basalisks, and later, the stairs down to the next level.

down there, they found cultists, froggy demigods (in a sleepy-weak state), a pyramid ship, and a pair of eel ships.

4000 xp awarded.


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