Hollow Oerth, and on to the stars

A journey is about growth

Play begins with the PCs finishing leveling.

It has been 109 days since they departed from the capitol of the Yeomanry, and they stand at the banks of a wide, relatively swift-moving river.

((game postponed until 5/26/13))

Party travels for a week north by north-east, coming into a vast plains inhabited by raptors, plains-natives, and bison. Two weeks later, the party reaches the mountains proper (after foothills).

Meet with a trio of Icevale elves.

  • two months back to the Icevale pass to the north
    • hunting
  • one week to cross the path
  • 1 month to negotiate with beastmen
  • four months to cross over to the outer world

Party sights a crashing spelljammer ship.

Party rescues a dark-skinned human man (Ishmael; first officer) and light-complected half-elven female (Tulip; chief engineer) (the first and second officers of the ship). Both were confused, but recovered.

The crashing Hammership was captained by a mind flayer.

Two months later, the party makes it to the city they were looking for, get cleaned up, buy wagon to haul around a helm.

Next time: they go into a dungeon looking for another helm.

xp: 3500 (total xp 21,100)


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